Our Mission is to distribute sustainably sourced, top quality cannabis, and cannabis products.

About Us

The Fumée Vision

At Fumée, every pre-roll is hand-selected from 100% Pure Flower harvested from the most quality strains, grown locally in Northern California. Our Plants are responsibly grown by a community of farmers employing sustainable and respectful methods of cultivation and harvest. We practice fair labor practices and the highest environmental stewardships standards. It is how we deliver to you the world’s best smoke.

Fumeé is a privately owned community company from the genesis of our nation’s cannabis industry. Our network allows us to source the best cannabis from farms all across the state of CA.

  • Reliable delivery times, excellent customer service, competitive costs
  • 100% Flower, Sustainably sourced, consistent, high quality, never using trim
  • Our audience is cannabis enthusiasts from all background who are 21+ and live in the state of California
  • For individuals who desire top quality artisanal cannabis products and a diligent team that delivers
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